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Painting & Staining

A Fantastic Finish Inc. prides itself on beautiful and complete paint and stain projects. Often people will hire a company to paint or stain a project and don't confirm the details about how that product is applied and is it the correct product for the given project.

From a glossy finish of stainwork and applied paints to millwork, furniture, cabinetry or to the application of flat and satin finishes to rough surfaces of exterior trim and fencing we ensure the product is of quality, that it penetrates for long life & that for all appropriate surfaces (including soffits and fence work) the product is back rolled or back brushed in so the grain is protected on all sides from the elements.

Check with us before building your wood deck to ensure you get product wrapped wood for longer living deck. We have the tools, knowledge and experience needed to give you the mirror millwork & furniture, to long living weather enduring exterior workmanship. Guaranteed- A Fantastic Finish Inc.

With over 50 years of experience, A Fantastic Finish's team of Painters in Mukileto have the expertise to rejuvenate the interior of your home and keep the exterior freshly-painted and beautiful.